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Classes begin June 18!

When: Tuesday + Thursdays at 5:30pm, Saturday at 10:30am

This is a group fitness class that is ideal for pregnant women, postpartum women, or just any woman that is looking for a community of moms that train with intention around the motherhood transition.

We use strength training & functional movements that transfer to every day life. We focus on core stability and connection with self and body, giving extra attention to the common issues that moms encounter (shoulder mobility, low back pain, unstable core, etc).

This class has a size cap which provides the coach with the opportunity to personalize each prescribed movement for each mama in the class, depending on where she is.

Fitness experience is not required, but unless you have taken a BIRTHFIT class or series, a consultation is required before joining.

Childcare is included. Class meets 3 days per week.

Attend the BIRTHFIT Fitness Workshop Saturday, June 15th and receive 50% off your first month!