Enjoy a sugar-free Sunday with us

So after some last minute additions, the NSN challenge began today! I've sent all of you emails with info and your team members. We will be adding a prize for the best overall team improvement! So don't let your teammates down!

Hopefully you all got through day 1 relatively easily. I know I am sad I can't have my usual after dinner treat, but I am going to eat a banana with some nut butter instead.

Here's a good question I got today: What if there is no sugar in the ingredients, but 1-2 grams on the food label?

Answer: It's ok if it is a small amount of naturally occurring sugar, like in nuts for example. But not ok if it is an added sweetener.

I will continue to post helpful tips here and on IG so stay tuned!

Don't forget we have Yoga at 10am and a coffee meet-up at DI Coffee Bar on Davis Islands.

Friday's Training:

4 Rounds:

21 Deadlifts (155/105)

50 Walking Lunges

9 Strict Handstand Push-ups