Free Week!

Sunday Yoga with Michelle was just what the doctor ordered this morning. I hope you all feel relaxed and recovered and ready to start a new week!

Our Free Week is now through Saturday, so please tell your friends to get in the gym to give us a try!

On Saturday, 7/21 we will begin our "Heroes of Summer" series. We will do a Hero WOD every Saturday for 6 weeks, and the person who attends the most and makes the most posts on social media using the hashtag #PrimalHeroes, will win a prize!

Monday's Training:

"Bumpy Ride"

Teams of 3


25 min AMRAP:

9/6 Cal Row

6 Burpees over Rower

100m Med Ball 20/14 Run or Sandbag Run


25 min AMRAP:

9/6 Cal Row

6 Burpees or Box Burpees

100m Med Ball Run 14/10