Tomorrow is Jared's birthday! We will celebrate him being another year older and in the Masters division with a heavy Power Clean and a short workout (you know Jared doesn't like to breathe heavy).

Jared is a man of many CrossFit shirts, a fan of James "OPT" Fitzgerald and Josh Bridges, and a one time dinner companion of CrossFit founder Greg Glassman (all fun facts). He started the gym in his carport because he thought he could run a fitness business better than the previously established CrossFit gyms in Tampa (this stubbornness actually panned out somehow). He is a lover of finance and shorting the stock market and will bet the "don't pass line"when you play Craps with him (so nobody likes him at the table).

But seriously, I may be biased in writing this but Jared has a passion in life that is contagious. He easily embodies the role of leader which many of us feel unnatural in (myself included). He is the reason I left my career in social work to pursue CrossFit as a coach and then gym owner, and challenges me to be my best in fitness and in my responsibilities. He is an amazing, present father who is setting an excellent example for our daughter. He may not be in the gym as much as he would like, but when he is he greets everyone, catches up, and cracks jokes. You can even hear him give the Big Dawg howl before a WOD. Come celebrate him tomorrow!

Wednesday's Training:


Establish a 1 RM Power Clean in 15 minutes



5 rounds:

1 Power Clean @ 90% of 1 RM

5 Strict Handstand Push-ups

36 Double Unders