From Comptrain:

Many of the CrossFit Benchmark workouts are relatively short. Fran, Grace, Isabel, and Jackie are all workouts that take up less than 10 minutes of class, but ones that leave athletes laying on the floor for quite a while. There are many reasons why we build in these short workouts within a week of programming. These short benchmarks are super effective, allow athletes to track their health and fitness over time. Today, even though it may be outside of your comfort zone, give a talk or have a chat about something other than CrossFit movements. It could be nutrition, accountability, mental toughness, or anything you want. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Getting in the habit of giving these once a week will challenge you to expand your knowledge base in order to better those around you. Chase that excellence.

From the CrossFit Journal:

The design and crafting of workouts is CrossFit’s primary concern. Factors like impact, motivation, perception, recovery, and timing combine with decades of experience seasoned by luck and intuition to create our daily fare, the “Workout of the Day”.

Though the process by which we engineer our workouts is largely rational, the finished product is often seemingly infused with qualities more commonly associated with art than exercise like symmetry, theme, or character. It is in this sense that we have in the past referred to “the choreography of exertion” in describing the best of workout design.

When everything goes right the finished product comes alive in a blend of elegance, simplicity, form, and impact. We are featuring six such workouts this month.

Benchmark Workouts

Our intent is two-fold in examining these workouts. First, these workouts, being exemplars of the CrossFit ideal, give us opportunity to lay bare some of the possibly unseen considerations and details we weigh in our programming design. Second, these six workouts introduce a series of workouts that will serve to measure and benchmark your performance and improvements through repeated, irregular, appearances in the “Workout of the Day”. The workouts intended as benchmarks will be readily distinguished from other Workouts of the Day by their being given, in each instance, a female name.

Friday's Training:


For Time:

1000m row

50 Thrusters (45/35)

30 Pull-ups