Masters Qualifier

Hopefully today's workout didn't crush your soul! It's fun to do testers like that from time to time to really up the intensity!

This Saturday we will be helping out Coach Dana by performing one of the Masters Qualifier workouts. Dana finished in the top 200 athletes in her age division and gets to perform 4 additional workouts in order to try to make it to the CrossFit Games! We will program one of her workouts to do as a class on Saturday at 9:30am!

We will also have a free Pilates class at 10:30am on Saturday. Pilates is a core strengthening program that works on flexility and mobility, and is usually at least $20 per class, so jump on this chance to try it for free!

Sunday we will have Yoga with Michelle at 10am! Bring a friend with you!

Friday's Training:

A. Tempo Front Squats

5x3 @ 70-80% 30X1

B. 11 min AMRAP:

50 Air Squats

40 HR Push Ups

30 Toes To Bar

20 Box Jumps (30/24)