Squat Day!

Guys! Thank you so much for telling your friends about us and getting them to come into the gym for the Free Week! There is still plenty of time for more people to come and we'd love to have them! Tomorrow is more of classic strength then metcon (WOD) type of class, and it will allow people to get under a barbell while moving safely.

This Friday, we will be having a Going Away Potluck and WOD for Gerardo. He is off to training in North Carolina and then overseas for work. Please help us send him off by bringing a small dish to share on Friday evening. He has been a wonderful addition to our community and we will miss him!

Tuesday's Training:


Back Squat

Build to a Heavy Triple

Rest approx. 2min between sets


3 Rounds:

400 Meter Run

21 Back Squats (115/75)*

*new athletes will take the bar from the rack, experienced athletes from the floor