Where's the beef!?

By being a CrossFit athlete, you have most likely heard of the Paleo diet. In case you need a review, paleo diet followers stick to eating high quality meat and fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds and avoid eating grains (wheat, corn, lentils, rice, etc), conventional dairy, and processed foods as much as possible. I've written about my journey of finding CrossFit and then following a Paleo lifestyle and how much it's benefited my life (you can read it here ) and I also strive to help others better their health by following a sustainable way of eating.

To be upfront, I do eat rice and gluten-free oats several times per week, I use grassfed dairy products like butter, and I dabble with the occasional dark chocolate bar. But I enjoy how I eat, it's not a chore, and it doesn't cause me stress like other "diets" might. I spend more time in the kitchen preparing meals and more money at the grocery store buying the higher quality products like pasture-raised meats and eggs and organic vegetables, but my health is the most important aspect of my life and I am willing to cut back in other areas that won't promote my health.

Beyond the importance of eating this way to benefit me and my family, following a sustainable lifestyle is benefiting local farmers who are raising their animals humanely and feeding them a diet they were designed to eat (unlike factory farms that put animals on feedlots and give them gmo-laced grains) and the environment overall. Buying pasture raised animal products does cost me a few extra dollars, but I know that they were not exposed to parasites and disease like conventionally farmed animals and therefore did not need to have constant antibiotics or given growth hormones, which then of course would be passed on to me. It's helping the environment by allowing grazing animals to eat grasses but to not overgraze the land, rotating animals and crops grown on the same land using animal fertilizer instead of chemicals, and by allowing the land to rest at times to regenerate - versus row cropping (wheat, corn, soy) which destroys the land, kills thousands of insects and small animals, causes top soil run off and chemical pesticides and herbicides to end up in our drinking water.

I say this to not cause controversy but to simply put information out there that may cause someone to do their own research. A great place to start would be to look at or listen to his podcast to learn more about sustainability and natural ecosystems.

Wednesday's Training:

For Time:

60 Cal Row/Bike

40 Med Ball Sit Ups

20 OHS (135/95)

40 Push Ups

600m Med Ball Run (20/14)

Goal: Steady on row, no breaks on sit ups, big sets of OHS & push ups, empty the tank on MB run